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  • All events held at the BCC must support the educational mission of Stanford University and be sponsored by a Stanford department or administrative unit.  The BCC adheres to the Stanford University Event Sponsorship Policy. Outside organizations must have a Stanford University academic or administrative unit sponsor, reserve, plan and pay for BCC services.
  • To reserve the BCC, please access the online calendar to review availability and to submit a reservation request.
  • The BCC coordinator will reply within 2 business days to acknowledge receipt of your request and put your event on HOLD if the date(s) are available.
  • To CONFIRM or guarantee a booking, a 50% deposit is required via a PTA journal.
  • Bookings on HOLD are not guaranteed.  If another request is made for the same date, the original client must either release or provide a 50% deposit to confirm.  If released, the second client is required to make a 50% deposit immediately at time of booking. 
  • A reservation may be cancelled up to 60 days in advance without penalty. 
  • Reservations cancelled 59-30 days in advance will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. 
  • Cancellations under 30 days will be charged 100% of rental fee.
  • All cancellation requests must be made by email to
Wait Lists

If a date is already in CONFIRM status, you may add your name to the wait list.  The BCC coordinator will contact the first person on the wait list if the original requestor cancels. 

Payment Policies
  • An estimate of fees will be provided upon confirmation of reservation; however, the actual charges may vary depending upon additional services required or requested, extra time, or damage.
  • Failure to clear and exit the venue by the contracted end time will automatically result in overtime fees.
  • The client is responsible for all charges, including possible overtime rates, related to using Events & Labor Services and contracted janitorial services.
  • Payments are accepted only by intra-university PTA transfers.
  • Journals must be approved within one week of submission. 
ELS, Room Setup & Audio/Visual Services
  • BCC staff will place all ELS and cleaning work orders.  The client is responsible for all charges, including possible overtime rates, related to using Event & Labor Services and janitorial services.
  • The setup time will be determined by the BCC manager.
  • The client’s event planner (or key contact) MUST be present during set-up to review and approve setup requests.
  • Absolutely NO tape is allowed on any wood or painted surface in Encina Hall.
  • The translation booth window may not be obscured in any way while in use.
Food and Catering
  • The client’s event planner (or key contact) MUST be present while caterers are on-site at any and all times.
  • Caterers are required to file a copy of their liability insurance with the BCC.
  • Only butane or sterno burners may be used.
  • Caterers must use the service elevator.  Carts and trays may not be carried up the stairs of the Encina lobby.
  • Any damages caused by caterers are the responsibility of the Stanford client.
  • All catering equipment and foodstuffs must be removed immediately after the event, regardless of the hour.
  • Waste must be placed in designated receptacles and/or removed from the area. 
Building Security and Safety
  • A member of the BCC staff will be present during the event, but clients are also responsible for general building security.
  • Encina Hall is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm.  Events held outside these hours require clients to staff the front door of Encina Hall.  Doors cannot be propped open.
  • Security card access may be given to the event planner, if necessary.
  • Tours for security advance teams must be scheduled with BCC staff.
  • The BCC is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the Bechtel Conference Center, within Encina Hall, and under the covered arcade outside the entrance to Encina Hall.
  • Fire exits cannot be blocked under any circumstances.
  • The event planner must comply with the University Fire Marshal’s Office policies. 
  • All costs incurred related to the function, as well as any damages, theft, displacement of furniture or other abuse to the conference center space and its contents, are the responsibility of the client.
  • Neither the BCC nor the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies will be responsible for lost or damaged items.


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Reserve Online *The BCC is available only to the Stanford community.  A SUNet ID is required to reserve.


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