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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reservation and cancellation policy?

For a detailed explanation of these policies, please refer to the Policies section.

Who can host an event at the BCC?

Any Stanford academic or administrative unit may book the BCC.   External organizations must be sponsored by a Stanford unit.  Payments are accepted only bt a PTA journal.  Events must be consistent with the research and education mission of Stanford University. 

May I host a memorial service, wedding, or other private event in the BCC?

The BCC is not available to host events that are not consistent with the research and education mission of Stanford University.

How far in advance of my event date can I reserve space in the BCC?

You may request a reservation for the BCC up to one year in advance.  A PTA is required to confirm a reservation.

What are the room rental fees at the BCC?

Please see Facilities & Rates section for a full explanation of BCC rental charges.

Who will staff my event in the BCC?

The BCC fees include AV staff to support your event, however clients must provide their own event coordinator to plan their event and work with the BCC manager to configure setup and technical needs, and, of course, staff their event.  The event coordinator must be present through the entire event itself.  At additional cost, the BCC can provide event planning and staffing services; please see the Services & Rates section for details.

Does the BCC provide table, chairs, audiovisual equipment, set-up assistance, etc?

The BCC provides furnishings for the most popular set-ups at no additional cost.  Specialized or extra large events may require rental of additional items.  Please see Facilities & Rates sections for details on room set up options.

Basic AV and a technican is included in the rental fee.  Please see the Services & Rates section for details on the standard and premium technical services.

Depending upon the size and complexity of your event, the BCC staff or staff from Event and Labor Services will provide set-up assistance.  The BCC manager will notify you in advance of any additional charges.  You are responsible for all additional fees and charges associated with using Event and Labor Services.  The BCC staff will place all ELS and cleaning orders for the client.

How far in advance can I get into the facility to set up my event?

Event planning staff & presenters only may come in one hour prior to their event start to set up.  Participants will not be allowed in before official event start.  Exceptions are at the complete discretion of the BCC manager based on availability and the BCC schedule.

Who submits my work orders?

The BCC staff will submit all necessary work orders two weeks prior to your event.  Last minute changes or additions may incur additional fees, if accommodated.

How do I arrange for additional parking at the BCC?

For information about special parking assistance, downloadable parking maps, and other parking and transportation matters, please contact Stanford University Parking and Transportation Services.

How should I refer to the BCC in our invitations and marketing materials? 

In all publicity related to your event, please refer to our location as the “Bechtel Conference Center at Encina Hall” 616 Serra Street, Stanford, CA 94305.


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Reserve Online *The BCC is available only to the Stanford community.  A SUNet ID is required to reserve.


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616 Serra Street
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